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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Have Fun In The Sun

Greetings everyone! I thought you all deserved a blog post before Summer officially starts. :)
Ok, Book and Author of the week are... Pea's Book of Best Friends and Coco Simon!

Pea's Book of Best Friends is about a girl named Pea who moves to London with her family. Sometimes life can get rather hetic though! And, who will Pea's new best friend be? Also, will her journey to find a best friend be harder than it sounds?

This book is fabulous! I finished it two days (I know, fast!) because it's so good! If you like imaginative, fun and unique books, you will LOVE this!!

Coco Simon is the author of the Cupcake Diaries series. She loves baking and cooking and has always wanted to have her own cupcake bakery but it seems she might eat everything... so she decided not to! The Cupcake Diaries are about four girls who enter middle school, a bit lost. Then they met each other and form a club so they can feel free, relax and make middle school feel slightly easier.

Character Profile:

Name: Daisy (From Jaqueline Wilson's 'Sleepovers')
Looks: Long brown hair, usually in plaits
Likes: Emily (her friend), sleepovers and teddy bears.
Personality: Loyal, funny, shy and smiley.

Things To Do Before Summer Is Over:

Go Swimming
Watch A Movie
Have A Sleepover
Play In The Garden
Write A Postcard To A Friend
Take A Photo
Draw A Picture
Read 2 Books In One Day
Look At Readalot!
Change An Outfit, And Make It Amazing!

Lots of love, Abigail Bronte xoxo

P.S: Enjoy your last day of school, I'm going to love mine ;)

P.P.S: Here is the link for buying Pea's Book of Best Friends:

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Lots & Lots!

Hiya! Today I've got loads to say...

Well, the first thing is that I've created a Readalot anthem, here goes:

We will, we will, Read a lot, read a lot (Repeat).
You've got a book in your face, no disgrace. Tossing your books all over the place! Singing...
We will, we will, read a lot, read a lot! (Repeat)

(Apologies to the band, Queen).

Anyway, Book and Author of the week are... The Twins at St Clares and Holly Webb!

The Twins at St Clares is the first St Clare book in the series. Enid Blyton wrote four in her series but sadly passed away. So like with the Malory Towers series, Pamela Cox carried them on. Ok, back to the book.

The book is all about two twin sisters who are rather spoilt and stuck up. Their parents send them to a boarding school called St Clares. They are not happy and don't want to go there. But soon they realise that St Clares well... rocks! They learn not to be horrid and on the the way, they get up to lots of
exciting games and feasts and trouble! Below are the O' Sullivan twins!

Holly Webb is a fantastic writer that has written many books. One of her books is called 'Rose' and is based on magic and adventure. Webb is not just gripping, but a real writer. You may be thinking, "What?! We already know she's a real writer!". I don't mean it like that though.

To me, a real writer is someone who can make kids stop... close their eyes and imagine being in the book or another world.

And she is a really writer in every single way :)

Character Profile:

Name: Mr Stink
Which book are they from: Mr Stink
Age: Er... sorry, I don't think it is in the book!
Looks: Short hair, tweed jacket
If stranded on a desert island, would bring: Duchess, his dog.
The Big Truth about them: He stinks, real bad. Like a huge pong.

Yay! I want to say "thank you" because I now have six followers! Thanks everyone, it means a lot.

Readalot Update:

Guess what?! Guess what?! Guess what?! In like, one month, it will be Readalot's first birthday! EEK! I'll have to think about a birthday edition now...

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Lots of love, Abigail Bronte xoxo

Check out this link if you want to buy the St Clare series: