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Thursday, 27 December 2012

FREE Readalot Gift

Ever wanted a Free Readalot Gift? If so...

I made this poster from a awesome website called: http://www.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk/
To save this to your computer, right click on it.

When you have saved it to your computer, you will be able to put it as your desktop background, share it with friends or even use it as a profile picture for something.


Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas To All

Merry Christmas! Sorry I didn't do my diary entry yesterday, I had to go to bed as soon as I got back to bed because it was really late!

I will tell you what I did yesterday anyway though:

I went with my dad into his work in London. It was actually quite fun because I got to write and play on games most of the day. For lunch I had Maccy D's (my guilty pleasure!). Then we made our way back home. At Euston station, I picked up two cool pens from Paperchase (Yay!!!). When I was back at home I did nothing and then later into the night I went out to church with my dad and my dad's friend.

The church service was actually quite nice. There were lots of Christmas carols and it was very peaceful. When I was back at home, I went to sleep.

Today I woke up to see a big present by my bed and my stocking full with goodies!

The big present turned out to be a Sony Vaio Laptop! So I'm chatting to you book lovers on my new laptop right now! I was thrilled and I still am :D

What have YOU guys got? Email me at abbybronte@hotmail.co.uk and your message will appear on the blog!

Lots of love to everyone,
Abigail Bronte

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Readalot Christmas Special 2012

Ho ho ho! It's that time of year again... Christmas!!!!! Are you readers excited? You can probably guess I am! :)

Firstly, I'd like to apologize for not writing many posts this month. I didn't realise December would be so busy! Anyway...

This is Readalot's 2nd Christmas, and I want to make it a really good one. We've got loads of cool things coming up, so don't go!

Last year, I found out some people's favourite authors and they gave messages to them. I'm doing the same this year, because I think it's important to thank those hardworking writers.

Lolaaaaaa1 says: "Dear David Walliams, I think all your books are really funny and cool. For my birthday my older sister bought me your book called 'Mr Stink'. I looooovvvveee it soooooooooo much! THANKS!"

MandyEllens says: "Dear Sue Hampton, you are my favourite author ever so I want to say this... Thank you for writing such inspirational and creative books. When I'm older, I would like to be like you. If I had to choose my fave book written by you, I would say 'Traces'. Thank you and Merry xmas!"

JackyWACKY says: "Anthony Horowitz is wicked. I have all his books, but my favourite is the first Alex Rider book. My other favourite author is Jacqueline Wilson. It may sound weird but I really like her book Cliffhanger."

amy4 says: "i like megan mcdonald she is funny funny funny. and i like the gruffalo, it very good" (this was written by a 5 year old, awww!)

Thanks guys! I'm sure they would really appreciate these comments :)

This year Santa Claus was really busy. So I interviewed Mrs Claus this year on email:

Me: Hi Mrs Claus! How are you?

Mrs.C: I'm fine! But the North Pole is very busy at the moment :)
Me: So, got any goss, Mrs Claus?
Mrs.C: In fact, I do! One of those cheeky elves found out my secret recipe for Santa Surprise Cookies!

Me: They sound tasty!

Mrs C: You'll have to come to the North Pole some time soon and taste them! ;)
Me: Anything else?
Mrs C: Mr Claus and I discovered we had a long lost granddaughter! Her parents died when she was young, so she has come to live with us
Me: Wow! What's her name?
Mrs C: Her name is Evie. She didn't have a name, but we named her Evie because of Christmas Eve
Me: Aww, that's sweet! What's she like? How old is she?
Mrs C: Evie is very smiley and she has long, curly ginger hair and big brown eyes. She is eleven years old
Me: What's the most popular present this year?
Mrs C: Santa gave the list of what each child wants for Christmas to the elves. And the most wanted Christmas presents are the Wii U, Furby and phones.
Me: Wow, how many presents have the elves made so far?
Mrs C: Well over a billon
Me: Well thank you Mrs Claus, it has been wonderful talking to you!
Mrs C: Merry Christmas!
Me: :D

Mrs Claus sent me a photo of her to show you what she looks like:

She's exactly very pretty for someone of about 60 (no offence to other 60 year olds btw)

Now it's time for a Christmas Book Review! The Best Christmas book goes to... A Christmas Carol! Who could not like this touching and gripping novel?! The book really shows the true meaning of Christmas and is a story that will touch every person's heart, whatever age. Some people say 'it's sooooo old!' but just because the story is old, doesn't mean it's not good. Thank you Charles Dickens!

Best Book Of The Year goes to... The Raspberry Rules written by Karen McCombie! This book is all about a girl called Rowan who is arty and unique. Her life and how she sees things. I really do recommend this book, so why not try buying it as a Christmas prezzie for a friend? If you would like to buy it, click here: http://tinyurl.com/cc6axz9

Here are some fun games to play on Christmas Day:

Under The Christmas Tree

To play this game, you need....

1. A Christmas Tree

2. Presents
3. A blind fold or you can close your eyes

Firstly, you choose one person to be the Guesser. The Guesser closes their eyes and goes under the tree. With their eyes closed, they pick up a present from under the tree and they can...

Shake the present, feel the present or sniff the present. Then they have 3 chances to guess what the present is.

Bad Santa!

In this game, you choose a Santa and you choose a detective. The detective goes out of the room while the other players choose a Santa.

When the detective comes back in, the room is pitch black (light off) and the players are sitting in a circle in the middle of the room. 

One of the players is guilty and is the Evil Santa who steals presents! He is Santa's evil cousin (don't worry kids, Evil Santa isn't actually real!).

The detective sits by the stockings and closes their eyes like everyone else. Then the evil santa awakes and takes a stocking. They have to hide in somewhere in the room.

When they are done, they cough, and everyone awakes and the light goes on.

The detective has a chance to guess who the evil santa is. If he doesn't guess right, he must find the present. If he gives up, someone else gets to be the detective.

Activities to do in the new year:

  • Make your own mini mag
  • Design a top
  • Make your own blog or website
  • Have a movie and pizza night with your BFF's
  • Read Readalot (Lol)
  • Try and read 100 books in a year
  • Write a really long story
  • Make a YouTube video

   What do YOU want for Christmas?

rose555555 says: "For Christmas I want an Ipad"

JoJo says: "for Christmas i Want a BMX bike and a nike cap"
Eliza says: "For Christmas I would like to treat my granny to hot chocolate and muffins at my favourite cafe"

Remember when you open your presents on Christmas Day, Jesus was born on that day. And it is through Jesus that we have this special day.

I will be doing a diary entry tomorrow, because it is Christmas Eve tomorrow. 

I hope you have enjoyed reading this! And remember to watch Mr Stink, today at 6:30 pm on BBC 1.

Lots of love, Abigail Bronte xoxo

Monday, 3 December 2012

Happy December!

Happy December everyone! 'Tis the season to be jolly, eh? :D What kind of advent calender have you all got??

OK, moving on. It's time for Book and Author of the week, and they are... Ruby Redfort: Take Your Last Breath and Karen McCombie (again! I will explain why, later!!)

Ruby Redfort are a series written by Lauren Child. So far there are two books in the series and they are both... WOWZERS! 

Ruby Redfort may seem like a small town girl, but she is totally NOT. She's a fantastic code breaker, a fabulous friend of most UN-normal... she's a kid spy.

Follow Ruby while she juggles her normal life and her secret spy life, gets very close to some fishy danger and discover a mystery that no one has bothered to look at for a whole century.

You can only read about this in... Ruby Redfort: Take Your Last Breath (book 2)

I rate this 10/10

Author of the week is Karen McCombie. 

Okay, you know all about Karen because I spoke about her last week but... this week I emailed Karen and told her all about Readalot. So you never know, she might come and see it! 

Also, I am reading a super-cool book by her called:The Raspberry Rules.

Karen has her own website where you can learn about her and even become a member on her Fanclub page.

Here is the address for her website: http://www.karenmccombie.com/

Character Profile:

Name: Rowan Love (in Raspberry Rules)
Pro's about her: She is really creative and arty and kind
Hobbies: Making things, going on the 'Find Your Inner Fairy' website and being herself
Friends: Erin. Well... sort of... (If you read the book you will understand why I put '...'
If stuck on a desert island, would bring: Probably Ally or her journal.

I'd like to say a shout out to Rhianna Wellman, Joseph Grindrod and Ciara McKenna who birthdays all happened recently. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday guys!!

Before I head off, I would like to say that soon I will be doing another Readalot Bumper Post for Christmas. You readers excited? I hope so!

Lots of love,
Abigail Bronte

Friday, 23 November 2012

November Is Nearing Its End

Hello people of the earth!!! I'm Abigail Bronte, and today I'm going to be chatting all about my favourite thing ever... BOOKS!

First up for all you Jacqueline Wilson fans; there is a brand new Jacky Wilson Fan Club on the internet!! It's easy to sign up to, and is loads of fun. Because the site is new at the moment, they are still working on some things, but I advise fans to join it anyway.

If you would like to sign up or log in, head to: http://www.jacquelinewilson.co.uk/

Another website I recommend is, Pottermore. Pottermore is for Harry Potter fans and is where you can learn even more about HP than before!!

Click here to visit Pottermore: http://www.pottermore.com/

Moving on... this week's Book and Author of the week are... Emerald Star and Karen McCombie!

Emerald Star is the third book in the Hetty Feather series written by Jacqueline Wilson. The series is about a young girl who grows up in the foundling hospital, and how her life turns out.

In Emerald Star, Hetty goes on a search to find her Dad (sorry, spoiler alert!!) who she knows she will love dearly. But Hetty has other dreams too. Meeting Madam Adeline from the circus again, marrying Jem and staying with her father are all dreams. But which one will she choose? 

This is a beautiful and touching book, so... sit back, relax, and read it!!

Karen McCombie is one of my new favourite authors. She has written has written at least ten books, all that are being bought by many children over the world. My favourite book by her is Alice.B.Lovely which I have reviewed on my last post, you can look at it if you like.

Karen's website address is: http://www.karenmccombie.com/

I recommend her books for girls 8-14. Please check her out!! :D

Readalot News:

I am thinking about making a Readalot app soon which will be really cool, so keep tuned! I also thought it would be fun to make some Readalot tops :)

When it gets to Christmas, I will be doing another Bumper Christmas Post and a Christmas Eve diary. I can't believe it's nearly December now!

I am also thinking about doing a fashion blog...

Character Profile:

Name: Zoe (from Ratburger by David Walliams)
Age: Ten ( I think!)
Family: Dad and weirdo Stepmum, Sheila
Hobbies: Looking after animals and being with her Dad
If she could have anything in the world, she would have... her own animal training company where you can teach your pet how to do anything you like. Even dance!

Lots of love, Abigail Bronte xoxo

Friday, 19 October 2012

October Goss

Hello fellow readers! It's me, Abby Bronte and today I've got loads to tell you :)

First thing is... I went to Sue Hampton's book signing at her house and I bought two books. One was called, 'Just for one day', and the other was called 'Traces'. Check out Sue Hampton and buy her books, they are awesome!!

Secondly, Jacqueline Wilson has published the third book in the Hetty Feather series. The book is called, 'Emerald Star' and I will give you the link at the bottom of the page if you wish to buy it.

Now time for Book and Author of the week, which are... Alice.B.Lovely and John Boyne!

Alice.B.Lovely is a book I read quite recently. This book is about a girl called Edie, who doesn't think she needs a nanny and wishes her parents would just let her look after herself. 

Edie also has a LOT of problems. Her mum and dad are split up but still keep fighting, she 
keeps getting angry with everyone and feels really down.

But then comes along the new nanny; Alice.B.Lovely. She is a mysterious and magical sixteen year old girl who Edie grows to like. Everything is suddenly starting to look much more exciting...

But is Alice.B.Lovely the person everyone thinks she is? Find out!! This book is written by Karen McCombie.

John Boyne is the author of 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas'. He has written three novels for children, and and eight for adults. He has won various awards for his literacy skills and is now very well known.

Some of you may have seen the movie of 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas'. It is a book that touches many hearts around the globe.

Character Profiles:

Name: Joe Wright (From, 'Just for one day')
Age: 12
Hobbies: Cricket, writing poems and looking after his hamster.
Favourite Person in the world: Dad and cousin, Rachel
Also likes: Going to dance club
Dislikes: Mark Hansome

I wanted to tell all of you about a fantastic magazine I found. The magazine is called Wordsmith and is all about writing. It has poems, short stories, puzzles, cool competitions and loads more packed inside it. Children and teens are encouraged to send their own literacy works to be put in the magazine.

My parents bought me a subscription to the magazine, and it is really interesting. Hope you can check it out!!

To buy Emerald Star, click this: http://tinyurl.com/9s58fmu
To buy Alice.B.Lovely, click here: http://tinyurl.com/95z7cv3

Thanks for reading!

Lots of love,
Abigail Bronte

Monday, 24 September 2012

EAT- Epic and Terrific

Hello! Sorry about not posting earlier; school has made my life slightly busy. Tee hee :D

As you know, the last post was a special edition because it was Readalot's 1st Birthday. I think Readalot liked its little birthday surprise, and hopefully you did too!

In fact, recently, it was MY birthday!! 

My birthday was on the 13th of September, and I had a lovely time. I got lots of wonderful presents, but my favourites were:

A new phone
A new bed
A kindle!

I also got these cool new items from Waterstone's called, 'Story Cubes'. Story cubes are cubes and they have lots of little pictures on them instead of numbers. You roll the cubes, and see what pictures you get. Then you can begin a story, using the things on the cubes to help you with ideas.

Anyway, I'm rambling! Book and Author of the week are... Back Home and John Grisham!

I don't think I'd have read Back Home if it wasn't for my teacher. In class, we've been looking a lot at story genres. Our teacher got some books from the library and read the opening of each to show us all the different ways of writing.

She read the opening of Back Home, and it caught my attention. So I asked, "Will that book be in the library if someone wanted to read it?". And she nodded.

After lunch I came back to my desk to find Back Home sitting there. I smiled, sometimes teachers were the best!

Back Home is set at war time, and is very touching. The main character is a girl called Virginia, but everyone calls her Rusty because of her long ginger hair.

The long and sad war has ended, and Rusty is coming back to England after being evacuated to America for five years.

At first, everything is well... terrible.

Her little brother seems to hate her, her mum is never around and doesn't talk much either, and worst of all, she has to attend a strict and mean boarding school.

Will Rusty ever fit in to the English ways? And will people stop pestering her about having an American accent and using slang?

Find out in... Back Home! By the way, Back Home is written by the same person who wrote, Goodnight Mister Tom. The author is called: Michelle Magorian.

John Grisham is a famous crime writer. He writes fantastic mysteries, usually for adults. But when I was at Waterstone's, I found an interesting children's book written by him. 

He has written loads and loads of books. So many, I think the list would take up this whole post's space! He is the writer of the Artemis Fowl series and the Theodore Boone series.

Check him out!!!!

Character Profile:

Name: Rusty (From Back Home)
Age: 12
Personality: Courageous, confident, creative and reliable.
Looks: Ginger hair, pale skin, blue eyes and slim.
Hobbies: Drawing, listening to music, fixing things and rowing boats.
Best Possessions: Letters from her friends in America.

I am now going to reveal who won the Readalot Writing Competition 2012.

In 3rd place is... Filippo Ali!

In 2nd place is... Ella Ainscough!

And in 1st place is... Elisabeth Hamilton, the Readalot Writing Competition 2012 Winner!!

Next time, I will be telling you why these awesome people got the top places in the competition. But for now...

See ya next time! Lots of love, Abigail Bronte xoxo

P.S: Wanna email me? Just send your message to: abbybronte@hotmail.co.uk

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Readalot's 1st Birthday!!

Hello! Welcome to Readalot, the blog that tells you about books :D

Today it's Readalot's 1st Birthday!! I, Abigail Bronte, am very excited.

Readalot has now been going for a year and I'm really grateful to all the lovely people who have checked it out.

Firstly, let's sing:
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to Readalot,
Happy Birthday to you!!

Now, for the awards.

Best Book of the week... The London Eye Mystery!

This book has to be one of my favourites.

Ted and Kat are siblings and they live a normal life with their parents. 
Then, one day, their cousin (Salim) and Aunt Gloria come to stay.

Salim seems really cool and fun to have about.

But... what happens when Salim goes missing? Find out!

Best Author is... Jacqueline Wilson!

I have been reading a lot of Jacky's books recently, and I thought them truly enjoyable.
Jacky is a very successful author and I hope there will be more books to read from her :)

The next award is 'Best Blog'. I couldn't decide, but YOU can!! Just comment which blog is your fave!

Readalot's Playlist:

1. Mr Medicine, Eliza Doolittle
2. Your Song, Ellie Gouldling/Janet Devlin
3. Sing, Gary Barlow 
4. Enchanted, Taylor Swift
5. Wings, Little Mix

If Readalot wanted a present it would be... books, to make people smile and a top with, 'Readalot' on it.

Here are the books I've read in the summer so far:
Emma On Thin Icing
Alexis and the Perfect Recipe
Olivia and the Movie Stars
The Boy In The Dress
The London Eye Mystery
Olivia and the Enchanted Summer
Tennis Shoes
Four Children And It
Lottie Project
Kentucky Thriller (Currently Reading)

Want to start your own blog? If so, feel free to email me at abbybronte@hotmail.co.uk 
for help.

Readalot's Favourite Shops:
Any Food Place ;)

Readalot Quiz:

1. What date was the first Readalot post?

A: 25th October 2011
B: 28th August 2011
C: 10th January 1901

2. Who writes the Readalot posts?

A: Roald Dahl
B: Abigail Bronte
C: Sherlock Holmes

3. Name a Readalot post that people have commented on

4. Was there a BIG Readalot Christmas post?

A: Maybe...
B: Yes
C: No

5. On which post did I review the book: The Twins At St. Clare's?

A: Welcome!!
B: Lots & Lots!

To buy The London Eye Mystery, click this: http://tinyurl.com/8ryjhmb
To buy a cool, snazzy pencil case for school, click this: http://tinyurl.com/9luy66w

Thanks for reading, Readalot loved its birthday surprise :]

Lots of love, Abigail Bronte xoxo

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Keep Calm And... READ A LOT!

It's summer!!!! Sorry I haven't blogged much! I went to Suffolk and stayed in a beautiful cottage with my family. I also swam in the sea, cool, right?

Have you completed any of the Summer To-Do List yet? Well, even if you haven't, keep on trying! :)

Now, time for: Book and Author of the week. And they are... Four Children And It and Noel Streatfield!

The Four Children And It is the newest Jacqueline Wilson novel. This story is about four children who discover a sand fairy who can grant wishes.

Of course, the four kids get very excited. Their wishes might come true, but they all seem to be going a bit wrong.

I suppose the motto might be: Be careful what you wish for. 

The Four Children And It is a summer must-have! I rate it five stars, it's one of Jacky Wilson's best books ever.

Her book is a tribute to E. Nesbit's; 'Five Children And It'. It's an interesting modern version.

Noel Streatfeild was a greatly famous and fantastic author. She wrote lots of classics which everybody still loves now. Probably her best known book is, Ballet Shoes. She has written many 'shoes' books. Such as: Circus Shoes, Tennis Shoes and White Boots. 
I wonder what other kind of books she could have written... Fashion Shoes? Spotty Shoes? Electronic Shoes? What are your crazy and cool ideas?

Character Profile:
Name: Eel (From Lyn Gardner's, 'Olivia' series).
Personality: Energetic, funny, bubbly and caring.
Family: Jack (her Dad), Alicia (Grandmother and head of Swan Academy), Alfie (her cousin) and Olivia (her older sister).
Hobbies: Dancing, watching west end shows and being with her friends and family.
When she grows up, she will most likely be: A dancer

This letter is for Rosalind. Rosalind tells the story of, 'The Four Children And It'.

Dear Rosalind,

I'm Abigail Bronte. I've heard all about your summer holiday adventures with Smash, Robbie and Maudie.

Was the Psammead scary? (By the way readers, Psammead is pronounced: Sammyadd, it's a sand fairy!). He sounded a bit grumpy but kind as well.

Which wish was your favourite? I think everyone's wishes were unique. I loved when you were all rich and famous. And when Robbie's animals came alive and you met up with story characters. 

Your dad must have been so surprised that you kept wanting to go to Oxshott Woods!

Was it annoying when all the nusery rhyme people kept singing the same tunes over and over again in Maudie's wish?

I think your last wish was the most significant though.

Lots of love, Abigail Bronte xoxo

P.S: The next post will be on the 28th and will be Readalot's 1st Birthday Edition.

See ya there!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Have Fun In The Sun

Greetings everyone! I thought you all deserved a blog post before Summer officially starts. :)
Ok, Book and Author of the week are... Pea's Book of Best Friends and Coco Simon!

Pea's Book of Best Friends is about a girl named Pea who moves to London with her family. Sometimes life can get rather hetic though! And, who will Pea's new best friend be? Also, will her journey to find a best friend be harder than it sounds?

This book is fabulous! I finished it two days (I know, fast!) because it's so good! If you like imaginative, fun and unique books, you will LOVE this!!

Coco Simon is the author of the Cupcake Diaries series. She loves baking and cooking and has always wanted to have her own cupcake bakery but it seems she might eat everything... so she decided not to! The Cupcake Diaries are about four girls who enter middle school, a bit lost. Then they met each other and form a club so they can feel free, relax and make middle school feel slightly easier.

Character Profile:

Name: Daisy (From Jaqueline Wilson's 'Sleepovers')
Looks: Long brown hair, usually in plaits
Likes: Emily (her friend), sleepovers and teddy bears.
Personality: Loyal, funny, shy and smiley.

Things To Do Before Summer Is Over:

Go Swimming
Watch A Movie
Have A Sleepover
Play In The Garden
Write A Postcard To A Friend
Take A Photo
Draw A Picture
Read 2 Books In One Day
Look At Readalot!
Change An Outfit, And Make It Amazing!

Lots of love, Abigail Bronte xoxo

P.S: Enjoy your last day of school, I'm going to love mine ;)

P.P.S: Here is the link for buying Pea's Book of Best Friends:

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Lots & Lots!

Hiya! Today I've got loads to say...

Well, the first thing is that I've created a Readalot anthem, here goes:

We will, we will, Read a lot, read a lot (Repeat).
You've got a book in your face, no disgrace. Tossing your books all over the place! Singing...
We will, we will, read a lot, read a lot! (Repeat)

(Apologies to the band, Queen).

Anyway, Book and Author of the week are... The Twins at St Clares and Holly Webb!

The Twins at St Clares is the first St Clare book in the series. Enid Blyton wrote four in her series but sadly passed away. So like with the Malory Towers series, Pamela Cox carried them on. Ok, back to the book.

The book is all about two twin sisters who are rather spoilt and stuck up. Their parents send them to a boarding school called St Clares. They are not happy and don't want to go there. But soon they realise that St Clares well... rocks! They learn not to be horrid and on the the way, they get up to lots of
exciting games and feasts and trouble! Below are the O' Sullivan twins!

Holly Webb is a fantastic writer that has written many books. One of her books is called 'Rose' and is based on magic and adventure. Webb is not just gripping, but a real writer. You may be thinking, "What?! We already know she's a real writer!". I don't mean it like that though.

To me, a real writer is someone who can make kids stop... close their eyes and imagine being in the book or another world.

And she is a really writer in every single way :)

Character Profile:

Name: Mr Stink
Which book are they from: Mr Stink
Age: Er... sorry, I don't think it is in the book!
Looks: Short hair, tweed jacket
If stranded on a desert island, would bring: Duchess, his dog.
The Big Truth about them: He stinks, real bad. Like a huge pong.

Yay! I want to say "thank you" because I now have six followers! Thanks everyone, it means a lot.

Readalot Update:

Guess what?! Guess what?! Guess what?! In like, one month, it will be Readalot's first birthday! EEK! I'll have to think about a birthday edition now...

Contact me at: abbybronte@hotmail.co.uk if you'd like a chat, if you enjoyed a post and maybe if you'd like to join the Write-A-Story Club. Also, email me your competiton entry ;)

Lots of love, Abigail Bronte xoxo

Check out this link if you want to buy the St Clare series:

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Back Again ^.^

Hello everyone! It's been a while so I'll tell you what I've done recently.

1. I have been singing a lot of Sound Of Music songs
2. I've been worrying that my writing competition will have to be cancelled, because I don't think I gave everyone enough time and I don't want to be unfair. Thanks if you have entered by the way :)

3. And I am thinking of writing a story soon...

Ok, now it's time for Book and Author of the week. They are... Summer's Dream and Helen Peters!

Summer's Dream is in the Chocolate Box Girls Series by Cathy Cassidy. Summer is a perfectionist. Her life is fantastic. She is pretty, has friends, is a good dancer... But when a big oppurtunity comes up that could change her life forever, she has to work for it. Will Summer put dance before danger? Find out in Summer's Dream!! Check out the book if you are interested: http://tinyurl.com/84fmco9

Helen Peters is wonderful. She wrote one of my favourite books which is called: The Secret Hen House Theatre. The way she writes makes me want to read on, excited. If you read her books, she'll excite you too.

Character Profile:
Name: Honey Tanberry (From The Chocolate Box Girls Series)
Age: 15
Looks: Long blonde hair, blue eyes, slim and tall.
Hobbies: Fashion and drawing
If stranded on a desert island, most likely to bring: A sketch book or a phone

                                                                                                                                      Cathy Cassidy,
                                                                                                                                       the author

And if you have some pocket money or have been extra nice to your parents, check this out: http://tinyurl.com/7kv767g  Paperback version is available on Amazon for a reduced price. Plus, there is a kindle version which is even cheaper! Cool!


Tuesday, 29 May 2012

For The People Who Mean The Most

Hiya! Sorry that I haven't posted in ages! I have been really busy but I feel really guilty about not writing. So hope you enjoy this :)

Book And Author of the week are... Clarice Bean and Eva Ibbotson! When I say Clarice Bean, I mean all the Clarice Bean books. They are mainly about a girl, named Clarice and all the things she gets up to. About her life and the ups and the downs. I highly, highly, highly recommend them and so does Christina Larkspur. If you don't read them, you are mad! Tee hee :)

Eva is a writer that I have talked about before. She has a very different and complex way of writing that I admire. Her stories are one of a kind and also, she is apparently an extremely interesting person. She has written many novels such as The Dragonfly Pool, Journey To The River Sea and The Star Of Kazan.

As you know, the London Olympics are coming up and I thought, how can Readalot and its viewers help? Firstly you could...

1. Send a message to one of your favourite athletes by putting it on Readalot.

2. Write a story or a project about the Olympics or someone who dreamt of being an athlete.

3. Do a race or contest and try as hard as real Olympians do.

Also, I've got 3 entries so far for the Readalot Writing Competition 2012. Even though all of the entries so far are magnificent, we could do with some more.

Please, please enter! And I'm going to renew the closing date to the eleventh of July by the way.

Character Profile: (From the book: The Secret Hen House Theatre)

Name: Lottie Perfect
Age: 11
Hobbies: Hanging out with Hannah (her best friend), drawing and acting.
Likes: Keeping clean
Dislikes: Mud and if mud gets on her clothes.

Here is my letter to The Queen because the Diamond Jubilee is soon: 

Dear Your Majesty,

I'm Abigail Bronte and I write a blog on the internet, which is an online journal. I really enjoy writing and I don't ever want my passion to stop.

It must be exciting being The Queen; have you met a lot of interesting people? Do you ever get tired being The Queen because you always have to be like, the big sister? I think you're FANTASTIC at being The Queen. You must get LOADS of letters as you're so popular!! 

I also wanted to say that you always look stunning. When Prince William and Duchess Kate got married, you wore the most wonderful skirt and hat. I think I need to get some tips! Tee hee =D

I hope you have the best ever Jubilee celebration ever,
Lots of love,
Abigail Bronte

Friday, 11 May 2012

I Feel Very Guilty!

Hi guys! I'm so sorry I haven't been blogging! I've been really busy with loads of different things and I kept thinking, "I've got to post on Readalot!!!!". So I promise that there will be a proper post on Readalot soon. Hope you are all well,

                                Abigail Bronte,

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Potter MAD!!

Hello everyone! Is school going well? I hope it is :) Anyway, I decided to give you a really epic blog post this week! Oh and also, I went to Dancing On Ice Tour and I really recommend it. SO if you're thinking about going, you should.

This week I'm going to do Book And Blogger of the week. They are... Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone and Taylor Watson! The first Harry Potter book is a classic, but I guess the whole series are. It is all about a boy (Harry) who lives with his Aunt, Uncle and cousin, Dudley. The Dursleys (Aunt, Uncle ext) are not well... very friendly to Harry. They don't like him at all. One day, Harry is told by a giant of a man that he is a wizard! From then on everything is different and much more magical than ever before.... Read Harry Potter because it's my favourite ever book!!!!!

Taylor Watson is a fabulous blogger (like Sapphire Feather) and like me, she is holding a Writing Competition. Unlike mine though, she has an actual writer helping her judge (EEK! EXCITING OR WHAT?!). Taylor is a lovely person, she is very chatty and always there to help. Plus, she writes mega interesting posts and that is why everyone adores her.

Character Profile:

Name: Harry Potter
Age: 11 (in the first book)
Job: Being a wizard and fighting Voldemort
Looks: Black, long hair and shining green eyes.
Likes: Being with his best friends, playing Quidditch

Here is a letter to a book character:
Dear Hermione Granger,

I think you are a very intelligent and brave girl. I've heard lots about you from books and movies and I find you very interesting. You are also SO pretty and I love your style. Out of all the many books you've read, which is your favourite? The Tales Of Beedle The Bard? The History Of Magic? And are you very fond of Harry and Ron? Were you always great friends? Hope you get this, Abigail Bronte xoxo

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Egg-cellent Easter!

Hello all you keen and creative readers! This is a late (sorry!) Easter edition of Readalot. Enjoy!
The Post:

Happy Easter everyone! What have you all been up to? My brother and I had an Easter egg hunt and we found loads of yummy scrummy chocolate eggs! We also had a huge lunch so I felt a bit like Santa Claus after the meal, (no offence Mr Claus). What did you get up to? Email me at abbybronte@hotmail.co.uk and I can include your say in my next post!

Now it's time for Book and Author of the week, and they are... The Hunger Games and Suzanne Collins! The Hunger Games are a series of books about a mega scary reality game show. There are twelve boys and tweleve girls who are forced to join the show and participate in an event, The Hunger Games. The one rule is, "Kill Or Be Killed" (eek!). Katniss (the main character) takes her sister's place in the games and realises she may not be around for too long... Wow! Read the Hunger Games because they sound really awesome! Suzanne Collins wrote The Hunger Games and is an interesting lady because I think she looks into things with far more detail than others might. She wrote the Hunger Games books to make a statement and that statement has now been definitely made. Well done Suzanne, I can't wait to hear more from you!

Character Profile:

Name: Jesus
Age: Not very sure...
Job: To make miracles and believe in God
Likes: Helping people, praying
Looks: Quite long brown, wavy hair, wears white a lot
Why Jesus is on the Easter Post: Jesus is the reason we celebrate Easter. He died to save us and that is a HUGE sacrifice, way bigger than my Easter lunch!

This is my letter to the Easter Bunny:

Dear Easter Bunny,

I'm Abigail Bronte and I have a blog called Readalot! I just wanted to say that I think you're SO amazing because you are loyal to everyone. You always make sure everyone has Easter eggs and you tell everyone about the Easter message and what Easter really means. You encourage people to give things up for Easter which is important and loving. Have the BEST Easter ever! Lots of love, Abigail Bronte xoxo

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

VIP: Very Important Post

Hi everyone! The Easter Readalot post is coming soon but I just wanted to tell you something. The Readalot Writing Competition is ending on the eleventh of June instead of the eleventh of April. I didn't think I gave you enough time, so if you were worried that you wouldn't get your story done then now you will be very pleased. I hope that changing the date of the competition will benefit you. Thank you!

Monday, 19 March 2012

Books Are Like A New World

Hi there, Happy March! Sorry I haven't blogged in a while, I had a terribly busy weekend! Anyway, I'm here now so let's get on with it. Oh and by the way, my writing competition has begun so I'd love it if you could enter because I know that even if someone doesn't like English, they can still try. And trying is all I want you to do. The story does NOT have to be perfect. Everyone has a special way of writing and that is actually quite awesome.

Now it's time for Book and Author of the week! And they are... The Naughtiest Girl In The School and Gwyneth Rees! The Naughtiest Girl In The School is about a girl called Elisabeth Allen who gets sent to boarding school. She gets sent because her parents think she's getting much too spoilt. She is really angry about going to boarding school so she decides to become the naughtiest girl in the school! But things go badly wrong and her temper rises, what will happen? Find out in the magnificent Enid Blyton novel!

Gwyneth Rees is a popular children's writer. However, her books are mainly aimed at girls. Her best books are The Magic Princess Dress, Fairy Dust, The Mum Surprise and The Making Of May. She has an official website and is apparently a lovely person.

Character Profile: Tracy Beaker

Name: Tracy Beaker
Age: 20 (now)
Job: Care Worker
Likes: Writing Stories
Looks: Straight brown hair, quite petite in size and slim.

Now, I thought I'd write a made up letter to a famous person every week. What do you think?

Dear Darrell Rivers (From Malory Towers),

I'm Abigail Bronte and I am really excited to finally get the chance to chat. I went to Malory Towers the other day and Miss Grayling told me about a super fantastic ex- pupil named Darrell Rivers. I heard you have become a news reporter, is it fun? And on your first day of Malory Towers how did you feel? Are you still great friends with jolly old Sallie Hope? I hope you are! Get it?! Please write back, Abigail Bronte xoxo

I'm afraid that's it but come back for more next week! Lots of love, Abigail Bronte xoxo