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Sunday, 17 February 2013

New Stuff :)

Great news: Readalot now has a twitter page!!!!

On the right side over there ------------> is a button you can click that takes you straight to our Twitter Page! So far, we have six lovely followers, and I'm hoping for more soon!

I'm still working on a logo for Readalot and I am also thinking about a Facebook page for Readalot. What do you think? Comment below x

I have also been making another website (via Wordpress) which is rather plain at the moment (because Wordpress can be expensive). I will showing you that soon. But I am also considering making another blog on here, but I'm still going to keep Readalot (of course lol!). If you have any ideas for a blog, comment or email me at abbybronte@hotmail.co.uk


Friday, 8 February 2013

Also, I apologise for the dodgy adverts above. I didn't put them there.

Welcome To 2013

Hello and welcome to Readalot! I'm very, very sorry I haven't done a post in ages! But enough about the past... It's 2013!!

This year is going to be HUGE for Readalot. Our second birthday is coming up in August, I am planning to make a Twitter page for Readalot and... I'm going to make a logo!

Another thing (that is awesome!) is that we will be making Readalot tops and badges soon! 


Just like last year, we are going to have Book and Author of the week. And they are... My Sister The Vampire: Switched (Book One) and Jacqueline Wilson!

My Sister The Vampire is a series of books written by Sienna Mercer. They are all about two twins; Olivia and Ivy. The first book is all about the two girls finding each other and becoming close. Olivia is new to Franklin Grove school and meets Ivy there. They soon realize they would creepily a-like! Being long lost sisters is awesome, but will Olivia still be keen to be friends with Ivy when she reveals her big secret?...

Find out in My Sister The Vampire: Switched!

Jacqueline Wilson has been picked many times before on my blog. But the reason she has been noticed today is because she has a brand new book! The book is called Queenie and is about a little girl who loves her Grandma very much. They both get ill and are put into hospital. But that's when she meets Queenie, the beautiful hospital cat. Will Elsie (the main little girl) and her Granny get better and still be able to do their dream; go to the Queen's Coronation?

This is what it looks like :)

I also wanted to mention The Dumping Ground series on CBBC. It's all about children living in a care home, and the ups and downs of life. It's a really interesting series, and a new episode happens every Friday at 4:30 pm. If you watched it, head to: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/cbbc/ to watch it. Just type it: The Dumping Ground, and all of the seven episodes so far will appear.

Do you like writing? If so, LISTEN UP!! Readalot is hosting a Haiku Poem Contest soon, and you can enter it!

Entering is free, and does not cost any fee. You may be as imaginative as possible with your Haiku, as long as it doesn't contain swear words or offensive things. If you don't know what a Haiku is, here's an example:

I love the seaside
The sea roars like a lion
It is so peaceful

The Haiku Rules:

The first line in any Haiku has to be 5 syllables. No less and no more.
The second line in any Haiku has to be 7 syllables. The same rule, no less than 7, no more.
The third line is 5 syllables again. So the rhythm goes: 5,7,5.

To enter, write your Haiku and email it to: abbybronte@hotmail.co.uk  
If you enter, thanks!

Lots of love,