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Friday, 25 November 2011

Reading Rocks!

I bet you can't guess what musical I went to see! Alright I'll confess... Matilda The Musical! The reason I thought you might want to hear about the musical is because it's about reading, which hopefully you all love. Everyone knows Matilda, have you read the book? Watched the movie? Matilda is a well known character that Roald Dahl invented. She is intelligent and has powers, powers that no one else has. Matilda Wormwood is not a normal five year old. She is a magical five year old and is by far better at maths than me! Matilda The Musical is being staged at The Cambridge Theatre, in London's West End. I don't want to spoil too much for you because you might book to see it but I definitely can recommend it to you. However I will reveal that the stage is amazing! Something that you can't miss. If you would like to read a review of the show click on this: http://www.thestage.co.uk/reviews/review.php/34349/matilda-the-musical or just go to the official website and look at photos and clips or buy tickets for the show: http://www.matildathemusical.com/. On to book and author of the day, which are...  Judy Moody Around The World In 8 1/2 Days and Jacqueline Wilson. The Judy Moody series are written by Megan McDonald and are funny and full of adventure. But I've chosen one book out of the series, Judy Moody Around The World. This book is all about Judy (obviously). She's enjoying her Around The World topic at school and is finding out about Italy with her best buddies named Rocky and Frank Pearl. But when Judy meets Amy Namey everything changes. Amy is just like Judy! They both have rhyming names, like bubblegum and come up with grand ideas. Will Rocky and Frank be upset that Judy is starting to dump them for Amy? Find out in Judy Moody Around The World! Jacqueline Wilson has written bestsellers that entertain children and adults all over the world. Her most successful books include the Tracy Beaker series, Hetty Feather and Little Darlings. That's book and author of the day! Just a reminder like always, if you have a story or question email me at abbybronte@hotmail.co.uk  or comment on my fanclub, http://readalotfanclub.blogspot.com. Speak soon, Abigail Bronte

Friday, 18 November 2011

Wonders Of Reading

Have I got news for you? Yep I do! Abby Bronte (me) is back! Sorry I haven't written in ages but I can write now! The first thing I need to reveal is that you can now take a look at the awesome Secret Readalot Fanclub! Obviously it's not very secret but oh well, I bet you guys will love it. So as you guessed it's time for book and author of the week! And they are... Marshmallow Skye and Ian Beck! Marshmallow Skye was also reviewed by Taylor Watson so I'm sure she'll agree that this book rocks! As well as Cherry Crush, this is in Cathy Cassidy's series, The Chocolate Box Girls. Skye is a twin. Her identical twin is named Summer and is pretty, talented at ballet and popular. Skye is feeling a bit pushed into the shadows and not as cool as her twin. Skye's friend Alfie soon spills to Skye that his secret crush is Summer but however Skye is hurt. Mille, Skye's best friend, seems to be going off Skye and instead hanging out with Summer. How will Skye be her own person and develop her own individuality? Find out in Marshmallow Skye! Ian Beck is not just an author but an illustrator too! Ian has illustrated lots of great picture books and novels. The Haunting Of Charity Delafield is his newest book around and is becoming a real hit. Today it's Children In Need so if you can why not spare a pound or two. We can make a difference. If you would like to ask me a question or show me your stories then head over to http://readalotfanclub.blogpost.com or email me at abbybronte@hotmail.co.uk! I couldn't miss out Best Website Of The Day, which has to go to... Friv! Friv is an online sort of arcade. Dress up games to haunting game, it's loads of fun! Lastly, remember to vote because there's a poll at the bottom of the Readalot page. Have a fabulous Friday! Abigail Bronte

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Secrets And Surprises!

Hi Readalot readers! Today I've got a mountain of stuff did tell you but this is my first. Is anyone a huge Cathy Cassidy fan? Well on Saturday 12th November Cathy Cassidy will be in Kilmarnock for the Imprint Festival. There, you will be able to listen to an extract from Cathy's new book "Marshmallow Skye", ask questions that you're dying to ask, buy a Cathy Cassidy book or get your existing Cathy Cassidy book signed. For more information on Cathy Cassidy's whereabouts go to Cathy Cassidy Camper. My second and most awesome thing to tell you is that I'm starting a Secret Readalot Fanclub. If you've read my first blog post or all of my posts then you can join. But you must email me to get the quiz so you can become a Secret Readalot Fanclub Member. As a member you will be first be get Readalot news or hear about something top secret! Another mention is that if you go down to the bottom of the Readalot page you will find three exciting new things for you to see. There is a poll, a box to put your email so you can get Readalot updates and pictures for you to look at. If you can't see the words on the poll don't worry! They are Cathy Cassidy, Jacqueline Wilson, Enid Blyton and Megan McDoanld, all great writers. Now it's time for my book and author of the day and they are... Hetty Feather and Roald Dahl! I have not read all of Hetty Feather yet but I'm really enjoying it! This book is all about a little Victorian girl who has had a tough childhood. After being with her lovely foster family she is taken to the Foundling Hospital where there are horrid matrons, violent teachers and big bullies. How will she cope? Roald Dahl is a very well known author who wrote lots of bestsellers. My favourites are George's Marvellous Medicines and Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. Even though this author is not with us anymore his books will still live on. And finally for the website of which is... The Cathy Cassidy Fanclub! Look at photos, secrets and when her book are out. Got to go! Abigail Bronte

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

November Is Here!

Happy new month everybody! November is here which means it's going to get a little chilly! So, yesterday was Halloween and everyone dressed up as things like scary witches, ghosts, werewolves, devils and lots of other things. Did anyone go trick or treating? I did! And it was so much fun! Sweets and chocolate, yummy! But for now it's book and author of the day, and they are... Cherry Crush and Kelly Mckain! Cherry Crush is all about a girl named Cherry who moves with her Dad to live with his girlfriend and her family. Everyone is welcoming all except Honey, Cherry's new stepsister. And worse, Shay, Honey's boyfriend is Cherry's secret crush! What will Cherry do? Kelly Mckain. Kelly is maybe not an author that a lot of you have heard of but I certainly have! Kelly Mckain writes many series but the one that stands out to me the most is the Totally Lucy series. To find out more about Cherry Crush written by Cathy Cassidy and Kelly Mckain just type their names in the google box. I'm starting a new section on my posts now which is... Best Website Of The Week! And that goes to... The Official Jacqueline Wilson Website! On this website you can play games, read about what Jacky's been doing, create your own profile and learn a bit about Nick Sharratt. The website is really fun so don't miss out on it. Now, like I always do, I need to remind you that if you would like to ask me questions or send me a story then send it to abbybronte@hotmail.co.uk. Have a great day! LOL Abigail Bronte