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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

November Is Here!

Happy new month everybody! November is here which means it's going to get a little chilly! So, yesterday was Halloween and everyone dressed up as things like scary witches, ghosts, werewolves, devils and lots of other things. Did anyone go trick or treating? I did! And it was so much fun! Sweets and chocolate, yummy! But for now it's book and author of the day, and they are... Cherry Crush and Kelly Mckain! Cherry Crush is all about a girl named Cherry who moves with her Dad to live with his girlfriend and her family. Everyone is welcoming all except Honey, Cherry's new stepsister. And worse, Shay, Honey's boyfriend is Cherry's secret crush! What will Cherry do? Kelly Mckain. Kelly is maybe not an author that a lot of you have heard of but I certainly have! Kelly Mckain writes many series but the one that stands out to me the most is the Totally Lucy series. To find out more about Cherry Crush written by Cathy Cassidy and Kelly Mckain just type their names in the google box. I'm starting a new section on my posts now which is... Best Website Of The Week! And that goes to... The Official Jacqueline Wilson Website! On this website you can play games, read about what Jacky's been doing, create your own profile and learn a bit about Nick Sharratt. The website is really fun so don't miss out on it. Now, like I always do, I need to remind you that if you would like to ask me questions or send me a story then send it to abbybronte@hotmail.co.uk. Have a great day! LOL Abigail Bronte

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