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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Potter MAD!!

Hello everyone! Is school going well? I hope it is :) Anyway, I decided to give you a really epic blog post this week! Oh and also, I went to Dancing On Ice Tour and I really recommend it. SO if you're thinking about going, you should.

This week I'm going to do Book And Blogger of the week. They are... Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone and Taylor Watson! The first Harry Potter book is a classic, but I guess the whole series are. It is all about a boy (Harry) who lives with his Aunt, Uncle and cousin, Dudley. The Dursleys (Aunt, Uncle ext) are not well... very friendly to Harry. They don't like him at all. One day, Harry is told by a giant of a man that he is a wizard! From then on everything is different and much more magical than ever before.... Read Harry Potter because it's my favourite ever book!!!!!

Taylor Watson is a fabulous blogger (like Sapphire Feather) and like me, she is holding a Writing Competition. Unlike mine though, she has an actual writer helping her judge (EEK! EXCITING OR WHAT?!). Taylor is a lovely person, she is very chatty and always there to help. Plus, she writes mega interesting posts and that is why everyone adores her.

Character Profile:

Name: Harry Potter
Age: 11 (in the first book)
Job: Being a wizard and fighting Voldemort
Looks: Black, long hair and shining green eyes.
Likes: Being with his best friends, playing Quidditch

Here is a letter to a book character:
Dear Hermione Granger,

I think you are a very intelligent and brave girl. I've heard lots about you from books and movies and I find you very interesting. You are also SO pretty and I love your style. Out of all the many books you've read, which is your favourite? The Tales Of Beedle The Bard? The History Of Magic? And are you very fond of Harry and Ron? Were you always great friends? Hope you get this, Abigail Bronte xoxo


  1. well done for writing about harry potter!
    hey! i'm the boy in ur class whos hair is brown and we were going to do harry potter mad girl for the talent show at the loft.
    i'm proud that you have mentiond harry potter!


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