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Monday, 24 September 2012

EAT- Epic and Terrific

Hello! Sorry about not posting earlier; school has made my life slightly busy. Tee hee :D

As you know, the last post was a special edition because it was Readalot's 1st Birthday. I think Readalot liked its little birthday surprise, and hopefully you did too!

In fact, recently, it was MY birthday!! 

My birthday was on the 13th of September, and I had a lovely time. I got lots of wonderful presents, but my favourites were:

A new phone
A new bed
A kindle!

I also got these cool new items from Waterstone's called, 'Story Cubes'. Story cubes are cubes and they have lots of little pictures on them instead of numbers. You roll the cubes, and see what pictures you get. Then you can begin a story, using the things on the cubes to help you with ideas.

Anyway, I'm rambling! Book and Author of the week are... Back Home and John Grisham!

I don't think I'd have read Back Home if it wasn't for my teacher. In class, we've been looking a lot at story genres. Our teacher got some books from the library and read the opening of each to show us all the different ways of writing.

She read the opening of Back Home, and it caught my attention. So I asked, "Will that book be in the library if someone wanted to read it?". And she nodded.

After lunch I came back to my desk to find Back Home sitting there. I smiled, sometimes teachers were the best!

Back Home is set at war time, and is very touching. The main character is a girl called Virginia, but everyone calls her Rusty because of her long ginger hair.

The long and sad war has ended, and Rusty is coming back to England after being evacuated to America for five years.

At first, everything is well... terrible.

Her little brother seems to hate her, her mum is never around and doesn't talk much either, and worst of all, she has to attend a strict and mean boarding school.

Will Rusty ever fit in to the English ways? And will people stop pestering her about having an American accent and using slang?

Find out in... Back Home! By the way, Back Home is written by the same person who wrote, Goodnight Mister Tom. The author is called: Michelle Magorian.

John Grisham is a famous crime writer. He writes fantastic mysteries, usually for adults. But when I was at Waterstone's, I found an interesting children's book written by him. 

He has written loads and loads of books. So many, I think the list would take up this whole post's space! He is the writer of the Artemis Fowl series and the Theodore Boone series.

Check him out!!!!

Character Profile:

Name: Rusty (From Back Home)
Age: 12
Personality: Courageous, confident, creative and reliable.
Looks: Ginger hair, pale skin, blue eyes and slim.
Hobbies: Drawing, listening to music, fixing things and rowing boats.
Best Possessions: Letters from her friends in America.

I am now going to reveal who won the Readalot Writing Competition 2012.

In 3rd place is... Filippo Ali!

In 2nd place is... Ella Ainscough!

And in 1st place is... Elisabeth Hamilton, the Readalot Writing Competition 2012 Winner!!

Next time, I will be telling you why these awesome people got the top places in the competition. But for now...

See ya next time! Lots of love, Abigail Bronte xoxo

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