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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

For The People Who Mean The Most

Hiya! Sorry that I haven't posted in ages! I have been really busy but I feel really guilty about not writing. So hope you enjoy this :)

Book And Author of the week are... Clarice Bean and Eva Ibbotson! When I say Clarice Bean, I mean all the Clarice Bean books. They are mainly about a girl, named Clarice and all the things she gets up to. About her life and the ups and the downs. I highly, highly, highly recommend them and so does Christina Larkspur. If you don't read them, you are mad! Tee hee :)

Eva is a writer that I have talked about before. She has a very different and complex way of writing that I admire. Her stories are one of a kind and also, she is apparently an extremely interesting person. She has written many novels such as The Dragonfly Pool, Journey To The River Sea and The Star Of Kazan.

As you know, the London Olympics are coming up and I thought, how can Readalot and its viewers help? Firstly you could...

1. Send a message to one of your favourite athletes by putting it on Readalot.

2. Write a story or a project about the Olympics or someone who dreamt of being an athlete.

3. Do a race or contest and try as hard as real Olympians do.

Also, I've got 3 entries so far for the Readalot Writing Competition 2012. Even though all of the entries so far are magnificent, we could do with some more.

Please, please enter! And I'm going to renew the closing date to the eleventh of July by the way.

Character Profile: (From the book: The Secret Hen House Theatre)

Name: Lottie Perfect
Age: 11
Hobbies: Hanging out with Hannah (her best friend), drawing and acting.
Likes: Keeping clean
Dislikes: Mud and if mud gets on her clothes.

Here is my letter to The Queen because the Diamond Jubilee is soon: 

Dear Your Majesty,

I'm Abigail Bronte and I write a blog on the internet, which is an online journal. I really enjoy writing and I don't ever want my passion to stop.

It must be exciting being The Queen; have you met a lot of interesting people? Do you ever get tired being The Queen because you always have to be like, the big sister? I think you're FANTASTIC at being The Queen. You must get LOADS of letters as you're so popular!! 

I also wanted to say that you always look stunning. When Prince William and Duchess Kate got married, you wore the most wonderful skirt and hat. I think I need to get some tips! Tee hee =D

I hope you have the best ever Jubilee celebration ever,
Lots of love,
Abigail Bronte

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