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Friday, 23 November 2012

November Is Nearing Its End

Hello people of the earth!!! I'm Abigail Bronte, and today I'm going to be chatting all about my favourite thing ever... BOOKS!

First up for all you Jacqueline Wilson fans; there is a brand new Jacky Wilson Fan Club on the internet!! It's easy to sign up to, and is loads of fun. Because the site is new at the moment, they are still working on some things, but I advise fans to join it anyway.

If you would like to sign up or log in, head to: http://www.jacquelinewilson.co.uk/

Another website I recommend is, Pottermore. Pottermore is for Harry Potter fans and is where you can learn even more about HP than before!!

Click here to visit Pottermore: http://www.pottermore.com/

Moving on... this week's Book and Author of the week are... Emerald Star and Karen McCombie!

Emerald Star is the third book in the Hetty Feather series written by Jacqueline Wilson. The series is about a young girl who grows up in the foundling hospital, and how her life turns out.

In Emerald Star, Hetty goes on a search to find her Dad (sorry, spoiler alert!!) who she knows she will love dearly. But Hetty has other dreams too. Meeting Madam Adeline from the circus again, marrying Jem and staying with her father are all dreams. But which one will she choose? 

This is a beautiful and touching book, so... sit back, relax, and read it!!

Karen McCombie is one of my new favourite authors. She has written has written at least ten books, all that are being bought by many children over the world. My favourite book by her is Alice.B.Lovely which I have reviewed on my last post, you can look at it if you like.

Karen's website address is: http://www.karenmccombie.com/

I recommend her books for girls 8-14. Please check her out!! :D

Readalot News:

I am thinking about making a Readalot app soon which will be really cool, so keep tuned! I also thought it would be fun to make some Readalot tops :)

When it gets to Christmas, I will be doing another Bumper Christmas Post and a Christmas Eve diary. I can't believe it's nearly December now!

I am also thinking about doing a fashion blog...

Character Profile:

Name: Zoe (from Ratburger by David Walliams)
Age: Ten ( I think!)
Family: Dad and weirdo Stepmum, Sheila
Hobbies: Looking after animals and being with her Dad
If she could have anything in the world, she would have... her own animal training company where you can teach your pet how to do anything you like. Even dance!

Lots of love, Abigail Bronte xoxo

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