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Monday, 3 December 2012

Happy December!

Happy December everyone! 'Tis the season to be jolly, eh? :D What kind of advent calender have you all got??

OK, moving on. It's time for Book and Author of the week, and they are... Ruby Redfort: Take Your Last Breath and Karen McCombie (again! I will explain why, later!!)

Ruby Redfort are a series written by Lauren Child. So far there are two books in the series and they are both... WOWZERS! 

Ruby Redfort may seem like a small town girl, but she is totally NOT. She's a fantastic code breaker, a fabulous friend of most UN-normal... she's a kid spy.

Follow Ruby while she juggles her normal life and her secret spy life, gets very close to some fishy danger and discover a mystery that no one has bothered to look at for a whole century.

You can only read about this in... Ruby Redfort: Take Your Last Breath (book 2)

I rate this 10/10

Author of the week is Karen McCombie. 

Okay, you know all about Karen because I spoke about her last week but... this week I emailed Karen and told her all about Readalot. So you never know, she might come and see it! 

Also, I am reading a super-cool book by her called:The Raspberry Rules.

Karen has her own website where you can learn about her and even become a member on her Fanclub page.

Here is the address for her website: http://www.karenmccombie.com/

Character Profile:

Name: Rowan Love (in Raspberry Rules)
Pro's about her: She is really creative and arty and kind
Hobbies: Making things, going on the 'Find Your Inner Fairy' website and being herself
Friends: Erin. Well... sort of... (If you read the book you will understand why I put '...'
If stuck on a desert island, would bring: Probably Ally or her journal.

I'd like to say a shout out to Rhianna Wellman, Joseph Grindrod and Ciara McKenna who birthdays all happened recently. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday guys!!

Before I head off, I would like to say that soon I will be doing another Readalot Bumper Post for Christmas. You readers excited? I hope so!

Lots of love,
Abigail Bronte

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