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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Be Fearless

Greetings my friends! It's great to finally get to chat to you again. In the title of this post you will see I have put "Be Fearless". The reason I chose that title is because too many people are just reading for the sake of it. Just because your best friend or your ultra awesome cousin is reading a Michael Morpurgo book and you're reading an Enid Blyton book doesn't mean you have to copy them. You read a book because you like it not because people at school or your siblings say it's "cool". Your book might be about a girl, a boy or maybe even a scared dragon who just wants to be reunited with his family. It doesn't matter as long as you enjoy it. Another situation that may arise is picking up a book, reading a chapter and then deciding that you don't like it. Don't worry about it! To be honest I have actually done that myself and just read another book instead. Okay and now it's time for book and author of the day, they are... Judy Moody Goes To College and Charles Dickens. Judy Moody Goes To College is about a girl called Judy who gets into a mood very quickly and gets to meet a tutor who goes to college. But Judy wants to discover college as well! Charles Dickens was a breathtaking author who wrote lots of books including the one and only Oliver Twist. And just a quick reminder, you can join Write-a-story club whenever you like but remember to email me to get your application form. Lots of love, Abigail Bronte 

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