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Monday, 3 October 2011

Amazing Authors

Good day everybody! Sorry I haven't wrote a new blog post for a week guys, but today I've got a brand new one for you. Just before I talk about books and authors I just want to remind you that you can email me any time about your favourite things and I promise I will reply. But now it's time to reveal to you my book and author of the day and they are... Oliver Twist and Sue Hampton! Oliver Twist is all about a boy who lives in the victorian times and travels to London to make his fortune. This book is a brilliant tale if you like classics and history. Sue Hampton is a fabulous author who writes tales on real life and fantasy, The Waterhouse Girl is her most famous book and is all about an illness a girl gets. So thats that and next I would like to tell you about Waterstone's which is a delightful bookshop where I like to get my books, there is a wide range of different books so everyone can find something for themselves. Just one more thing, I am going to start a club online called Write-a-story. By joining this club you can get your stories looked at first in the writing competition and write stories, poems and haikus for me to look at. You must email me to receive an application form so you can join. Don't worry all you need to fill in is a made up name and your age. I hope that many of you will join because later on in the year there will be more things to look, learn and do at the club. See ya! Abigail Bronte

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