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Saturday, 24 September 2011

New Girl!

Guess what everyone?! There's another new girl on the blogging network like me it's... Taylor Watson! You may see that Taylor has posted a lovely comment on Readalot and that her blog is super fabulous! To access her blog all you need to do is click on the last blog post I wrote, then click on comments and click on her name and then it will take you to her profile so click on Quick Book Reviews. Taylor recommends the Sweet Valley High series which sounds amazing! So check out her fantastic blog! And I have a very important message to the people who are entering the Writing Competition. You are not allowed to write more than 750 words so please don't write more than that. But another exciting thing awaits, it's my author and book of the week! And they are... Kaspar Prince Of Cats and Lyn Gardner! Kaspar Prince Of Cats is all about a boy who works as a sort of bellboy at the Savoy Hotel. But one day a rich lady comes to stay with her beautiful, shiny cat who is named Kaspar and then she sadly dies so the boy looks after Kaspar but for how long? Oh and by the way I'm not telling you the boy's name because it's your quest to find out! Lyn Gardner is a brilliant author who has written lots of books about a girl, Olivia, who goes to stage school and has to try and fit in. I'm afraid that's all for now! Best Wishes! Abigail Bronte

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  1. hi guys it's me Taylor Watson I love this blog!!!