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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Classy Classics

Bonjour! How have you all been? You know, I think old classics like Ballet Shoes are really interesting. Usually those kind of books are made into films and then everyone's desperate to read it! Ask your parents, grandparents and godparents if they have any classics that you could maybe borrow. Another kind of story is comedy. Comedy always involves lots of funny stories for you to enjoy just like books. The other day I got given an electronic dictionary bookmark which is fabulous! So if you don't understand a word you've just read or want to find out the definition then you just type the word in and it comes up with the answer. Why not make your own bookmark?! All you need is a piece of card, a piece of paper, glue or sellotape, some pens, pencils and any other arty things. It would be lovely if any of you could send a photo in of your bookmarks. Having a major crisis? You don't have a book to read?! Then why don't you head down to your local library and take a book out, they always have good books there. Moving on, I have some more details for all the people who are interested in the short story competition. The competition will be in 2012 and the prizes might be a ds game, a book or a voucher for a shop. And the topic your stories must be about is "Friendship". If anybody needs any ideas to get them started I'm happy to help. I will be judging the competition so make me impressed. One thing I like in a story is "wow words" as all the teachers call them. I also like stories with a twist or a massive problem in the middle or that someone finds something exciting. Thats all from me peeps! Abigail Bronte

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