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Sunday, 4 September 2011

New month!

Hello! It's a new month and I'm ready to tell you about even more books! Most of you reading this either read chapter books or short story books. But what do the younger ones read? They read picture books and moving story books! Reading to someone else is fun so if you have a brother or sister who can't read like you do yet why don't you read to them. Anyway I have picked another book and author of this week and they are... The Story Of Tracy Beaker and Enid Blyton! Tracy Beaker is all about a girl who lives in a care home (which she calls the dumping ground). She gets up to a lot of mischief and madness but always brightens up everyone's day! Enid Blyton was a fantastic author who wrote probably thousands of books! She wrote many of my favourite series and died peacefully. If any of you would like to get to know me more just take a look at my lovely profile. Does anyone have a shout out for someone special? If so comment and I'll maybe write about you or your special person in my blog. Moving on, school is here soon so I hope everyone's got their ties and shirt ironed! I love that feeling when you go back to school and see all your friends. If you can tell your friends about Readalot or talk about it that would be fabulous! Ciau!(That's italian for goodbye) Abigail Bronte

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  1. Thank you to everyone who is reading this, it means a lot!
    Abigail Bronte