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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Brillant Bookworms

Hiya bookworms! Had a good weekend? I have! I watched Super 8 at the cinema and it was really good. Have you guys done anything exciting lately? Another thing you should know is that I've made an email so you can all contact me. My email is abbybronte@hotmail.co.uk, so if you want to chat to me or send a shout out just email. My book of the week is... The Famous Five: Five on a Treasure Island and my author of the week is... Narinder Dhami. Famous Five (1) is all about three siblings named Julian, Dick and Anne who go and stay with their Auntie Fanny, Uncle Quentin and George (Georgina). Soon all the children start to bond with each other and of course, George's loving dog, Timothy. But will they find the treasure and loose Kirrin Island forever? Find out in Famous Five! Narinder Dhami is an author who writes lots of books about football which she loves. One of her most popular books is Bend It Like Beckham which I have mentioned before. So that's my opinion but what's yours? Tell me your favourite book and author and I'll feature them in the next one if you like! Oh and I nearly forgot! Keep Reading! Bye-di-byes! Abigail Bronte


  1. Hi readers! Just to say, if you are going to participate in the writing competition in 2012 then I need to tell you this. I've decided that you are allowed to write 750 words and no more. Please tell your friends and family about Readalot so they can see it too, the more the merrier hey?! Thanks Again, Abigail Bronte xoxo

  2. So what would you recommend for younger readers, ie those who are just learning to read? Which books got you started AND how old do you think smaller children need to be before they'll read books without pictures?

    nb I think you should put your competition in a blog entry as well as a comment..

  3. Hi abby,
    great blog!