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Sunday, 8 January 2012

New Year!

Welcome back everyone! It's me Abigail Bronte and this year I've got tons more to share with you! Firstly I'm going to thank every single person who has supported, commented and taken part in the Christmas Wishes Community on my blog. Even if you just look at Readalot or any other blog I've created I will be truly grateful. Second, I'm going to tell you about the presents I got! My biggest gift was definitely my new laptop which I will now be using to write posts! I was given a lot of stories and of course the One Direction CD (which I love!). I'd be really interested to hear what Santa and your family gave to you so email me at abbybronte@hotmail.co.uk to tell me! And now it's time for the first 2012 book review and best author on Readalot! They are... The School Story and Michael Morpurgo! The School Story is written by Andrew Clements and is a book I remeber picking up in my school library a while back. The book is all about a girl named Natalie who writes an amazing story, so good her best friend, Zoe, thinks it should get published. Zoe thinks getting "The Cheater" (Natalie's story) published will be pretty easy as Natalie's Mum is the editor for a well known publishing house. Natalie and Zoe make up pen names so that if their cunning plan does work they won't be indentified. Will Natalie's book get published? And will Zoe become the star agent that she says she is? Read the book!

I've probably already talked about this man but I have to again. Michael Morpurgo is a dearly adored, famous author. He has written over one hundred books and they are all first class. My peronsal favourites are Kaspar Prince Of Cats and Billy The Kid, two very detailed and significant books. I've always wondered, how does Morpurgo come up with such fantastic books? He must have really had to think about some of them. Anyway, I guess Michael Morpurgo is a very detailed and significant person, sometimes similar to his books. So if you haven't read any of his books, read one because they are the best ever!

Now you might have seen on my profile that I have made two other blogs; Kool Kids Newspaper and The Dumping Ground Diary. Kool Kids Newspaper is like an online newspaper for kids so it will be every week. Kool Kids is something that I hope everybody reads because I believe it can be very good if I try hard enough and with your help it can move just that little bit faster.I've also made a blog called The Dumping Ground Diary. If you watch Tracy Beaker Returns I expect you'll enjoy this. Basically the blog is supposed to be like an online social network which the kids and care workers at Elm Tree House can go on. Every week a new sort of diary entry or update will be written so don't miss out!

Enough from me! Have a lovely Sunday and keep reading! Lots of love, Abigail Bronte xoxo

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