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Saturday, 18 February 2012

The Kingdom Of Books

Hello readers! This week on Readalot I've got loads of great stuff for you to get stuck into! Firstly I'd like to make a shout out to a girl I know called Ciara Mckenna. Ciara is such a brilliant reader and she doesn't usually get noticed for it which is why I think everyone should know how awesome Ciara is. She always makes an effort and smiles (and I mean all the time!). So please congratulate Ciara as she has won... Best Reader Of The Universe! Hope you read this Ciara!

Book and author of the week are... Lily Alone and Andy Stanton! Lily Alone is all about a girl named Lily who has to look after her little siblings alone. Her Mum goes on holiday with her new boyfriend and the children's stepdad doesn't show up so what is Lily going to do? She's going to have to keep twins of six and a three year old girl occupied and hidden from Social Services... Find out what happens in Lily Alone! Andy Stanton wrote every single one of the Mr Gum books which have received many awards. His website is http://www.mrgum.co.uk/author.htm and he is really great so please, please read his books!

Just another reminder, the Readalot Writing Competition will start on the eleventh of March and end on the eleventh of April. There must be a little bit of friendship in the story and it can't be more than seven hundred and fifty words.

When you ever feel like you need a bit of peace or comfort or want to shed a tear watch the video above.

Best Website goes to... Babydow! Babydow is a website where you can create a baby and care for it. You can take your baby to nusery, watch it grow and message your friends! Check it out now at: http://www.babydow.com/, I know you'll love it!

Gotta go! Lots of love, Abigail Bronte xoxo

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