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Sunday, 5 February 2012

You Are You

Heya Readalot readers! Sorry to keep you waiting for this post! I have a lot to say. Do you ever feel alone, not noticed, depressed, angry or secretive? If so you can email me and we can have a chat. I promise I won't share what you've told me with anyone else. Now, book and author of the week are... Ruby Redfort and David Walliams! I have mentioned Ruby Redfort many times. This was released last year and Lauren Child (Charlie And Lola author) wrote it. Ruby Redfort is mainly about a girl, Ruby, who becomes a secret agency's code breaker. But soon Ruby discovers that there is many dark secrets hidden around her...

David Walliams is a script writer, an author, an actor and comedian! You also might have heard that he swam the Channel and the length of the Thames for Sports Relief. This guy has written many funny, gripping and intense stories in the past including Mr Stink, Billionaire Boy and Gangsta Granny. Check his website out: http://www.davidwalliamsnews.com/

There's only thirty five days to go till the Readalot Writing Competition 2012 starts! If you don't know, it starts on the eleventh of March and ends on the eleventh of April. And there must be a little bit of friendship in it. One last thing, for news and gossip go to: http://www.firstnews.co.uk/news/
You can even create an account and write your own articles there! Lots of love, Abigail Bronte xoxo

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