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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Crazy Christmas (Bumper Post)

Welcome back to Readalot! Now, as you know I was going to do the big Readalot Christmas Wishes To Authors Community but some of my plans have changed. Most authors obviously keep their email private so that ruined my plan a bit because I had decided that there would be loads of emails to only four writers. Well... BAM! I've broken the rules! Now I'm going to show you a list of well deserved comments on authors everywhere:

Aliona56 says"Merry Xmas Lauren Child! I love Clarice Bean and all your fab drawings! Keep it up!"
Jessyjane420 says"Merry Christmas Jeff Kinney and a happy new year! I really like your books!"
Lindalisalady says"Thank you J.K.Rowling for inspiring so many people to read and happy Christmas!"
Messywessy likes Michael Morpurgo writing things in his stories that are true. For example, in Kaspar Prince Of Cats he went to a hotel that had a statue of a cat. Great job Michael Morpurgo! Merry Christmas!
Stagegirl1000 says"Dear Jacky Wilson, I love all your books. You've inspired me to write my own type of books. Plus I have one request that might be a bit hard for you. Could you maybe write a book about acting because it might even inspire other people to act and of course me? It would really inspire me to even write my own play when I'm older. You don't have to do this but I would be  honoured if you did. Season's greetings, Stagegirl1000"

So many people who write great stories aren't getting enough credit and should get thank you's more often. That's what the Readalot Community is here to do, say thank you. Christmas is nearly here and I'm so excited! I just have to tell you about a secret. It's not really a secret but I interviewed Santa online and this is what he said!:

Abby: Hi Santa! It's great I finally got a chance to have a proper chat with you
Santa: I know! Everything is so busy these days!
Abby: So Santa, got any Crimbo gossip?
Santa: Well, I'm writing a small story about my life which I'd love you to share with the Readalot fans when I'm finished!
Abby: That sounds so good I'm speechless!
Santa: And, I've got a Christmas tip!
Abby: SPILL!
Santa: Every child in the world must pray before they sleep on Christmas day or the only thing they'll get is an orange
Abby: What a tip! And how is Mrs Claus and Rudolph?
Santa: Mrs Claus is dandy and so is Rudolph. Rudolph has a new nickname... Winter Wow!
Abby: That's funny! Is there anything you'd like to say to the Readaloters?
Santa: Yes. Remember to be nice boys and girls because I'm coming to town! Oh, and post your letters to me because I adore reading them!
Abby: Hey Santa. who's that?
Santa: That's Dasher, one of my reindeer. He says I need to go or Mrs Claus will be shouting at me, telling me my dinner is cold!
Abby: Alright then! Have a lovely Christmas yourself! 
Santa: You too Abby! Bye!

Santa told me his favourite Christmas stories. They are the Christmas story about Jesus' birth, A Christmas Carol and A Christmas Tree. Santa also loves any cook book because then he can give it to his wife who will bake the most wonderful things.

Now we must sing...
Rudolph the red nose reindeer (reindeer)
Had a very shiny nose (like a lightbulb!)
And if you ever saw (saw it)
You would even say it glows (like a flashlight!)
All of the other reindeer (reindeer)
Used to laugh and call him names (like Pinocchio!)
They never let poor Rudolph (Rudolph)
Join in any reindeer games (like Monoply!)
Then one foggy Christmas Eve Santa came to say ("Where's my underpants?")
"Rudolph with your nose so bright won't you guide my sleigh tonight?"
Then how the reindeer loved him (loved him)
As they shouted out with glee ("Wipee!)
Rudolph the red nose reindeer (reindeer)
You'll go down in history (like the Romans!)

Ever wanted to get your parents something for Christmas but couldn't afford it? Or couldn't get it secretly? Then this is the perfect gift for you to give to your loved ones. Write a Christmas poem or a short Christmas story! Presents don't have to be expensive! I could give my Mum and Dad a present that cost one pound and they'd still like it. Christmas is about the thought, the peace.

As we're coming to the end of 2011 I just have to share with you my favourite, best ever books this year! These books will win the title as BBTY (Best Books This Year) which is an exclusive title that can only be awarded by Readalot, BBTY goes to...
Ruby Redfort Look Into My Eyes and Sapphire Battersea! Look out for these books in Waterstone's, WHsmith and Amazon. 

Here's a questionnaire for you to answer. Send me your results as soon as possible!

1. What is your absolute favourite bit of Readalot?
A: Book reviews
B: General news
C: Arts and crafts ideas

2. What else would you like to see on the Readalot blog? 
A: Interviews with authors
B: More competitions
C: Readalot merchandise

3. Do you tell friends and family about Readalot?
A: No!
B: Not really...

4. Would you recommend Readalot to your school as it is partly educational?
A: I would
B: I'll think about it
C: No

I'd like to congratulate Little Mix, Marcus Collins, Amelia Lily, Harry Judd, Chelsee Healey and Jason Donovan for getting to the final of either Xfactor or Strictly Come Dancing!

It's now time for my last book review in 2011! I'm reviewing The Nutcracker! The Nutcracker is all about a girl who's godfather comes to her parent's Christmas party and gives her a wrapped gift. But Clara (girl) is so desperate to open the gift that she unwraps it on Christmas Eve! It's a nutcracker doll, a soldier. The story is based around how the nutcracker comes to life and takes Clara on a journey to meet his magical friends. Just like A Christmas Carol it's a Christmas must have and a forever enduring, compelling tale. A reminder for you all, you may have heard of the poem book, The Night Before Christmas. Well it's really, really lovely and it's extra incredible if you read it on Christmas Eve, before you go to bed! I would know! I've read it over and over again on the twenty fourth.

Speaking of the twenty fourth, I'll be doing a diary entry that day! On my blog! Are you an organised person? Rearing to go? Why not plan out things you can make and do next year?!

My ideas: Create a Youtube account, make a Moshi Monsters account, deliver late Christmas gifts, make friendship bracelets, try a new hobby, print a photo off google images of your most liked celebrity, throw a party, become a follower or suscribe to Readalot, give your teacher a smile, work hard, read lots of books, bake a cake, go bowling, see a movie, discover an animal that isn't very well known and tons more so use your imagination!

If you complete any of these, email me at abbybronte@hotmail.co.uk because you will get a shout out in a blog post and get the Amazing Adventurer email award!

Also, you could have a Christmas Eve party or a New Year's Eve party. Buy fizzy drinks, crumbly crisps, biscuits, cakes, pigs in blankets (sausage wrapped in bacon) or ice cream! Choose a theme (Christmas, New Year!) and you could give out party bags filled with sweets and stocking fillers. Make invitations with bold colours and fine handwriting. Play some of that fun Christmas music but don't forget to play other things. Like, Kelly Clarkson, One Direction, Michael Buble, Pixie Lott, Adele or Jessie J. Your party will be one to remember! 

By the way my interview with Santa was online and in the picture he was there and he replied to all my questions, so he is real. I saw Dasher come up on the screen too and Santa would like to wish you a merry Christmas. Have a very magical Christmas! Abigail Bronte xoxo
P.S: Email me and tell me about the presents you received! 

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