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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Come Christmas!

Happy December everyone! Now that it's the twelfth month we can look forward to a large part of the year, Christmas! Of course parents describe Christmas as expensive, busy and a time to lie in. Well mostly. Anyway, I've got five favourite books that would make great Christmas presents! The first one is Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever, my second one is Sapphire Battersea, third place is Gangsta Granny, fourth is Christmas Angel and fifth becomes The Best Christmas Present In The World. Some of these can be bought in Waterstone's and others in WHsmith. Are you going to any Christmas parties? Have you got your tree? Sent a letter to Santa? Said a prayer to wish Jesus a good birthday? What do you want for Christmas? Why not tell me? I'd love to see if you are in to the same things as I am! Soon I'm doing a quiz which will question you about which authors you think deserve to get a big "Merry Christmas!". This quiz will be on my Secret Readalot Fanclub and when we decide on four I will either ask you to comment on one particular blog post and say how cool they are and wish them a nice Christmas. Or tell you their email and what to put on it for example to put at the end, from the Readalot Community. I hope you like this idea! Now, website of the day... Paperchase! Paperchase is a shop which sells things like notebooks, stationery and stickers! They make such delicate and attractive things that I always have to buy there and check out their online shop. Already tea time! Abigail Bronte 

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